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Pioneers of Epoxy Resin Furniture in Pakistan

Our Tables are made with natural kilned wood Dried prior to putting them into any type of design/shape. We use Walnut, Acacia, Azadirachta Indica and the “Signature Pakistan Wood” i.e Rose Wood. The wood is then filled with high quality resin or trimmed/shaped to a design pattern. The wood and resin type will vary depending on the design. The following types are available : Resin River, Resin whirlpools, Glass Rivers with Resin Art work and Resin Geodes. All Tables are customisable as per customer’s demand and choice of top and base. Our pieces are assembled with a great blend of modern art and contemporary designs, keeping them “in style” throughout. You can place these intricate pieces to decorate any part of your home or office, to add that bit of an extra oomph needed. Enjoy the luxurious ambiance created, leaving your guests awestruck every time they visit. All materials used in the products are premium quality, natural woods, Walnut/ Rosewood/ Acacia/ oak wood High quality Epoxy Resin.


Our furniture is mindfully crafted to retain the look of nature as we blend it with the touch of modern contemporary designs.

We Craft Elegance

Every corner of your living space should show your exquisite taste

We make a HOME out of the HOUSE you buy

Where you live, should tell the story of who your are

We make spaces that speak to you

Your home should welcome you with warmth when you walk in

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