Flex Arc Sofa


Dimensions: 120” x 39”D x 31”H

Modular system designed around the classical geometry of the arch.‎ While many modular systems today can be
quite square in appearance - in order to enhance their modularity in different configurations -,
We employed from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to create something more
organic.‎ The consistency of this approach even applies to the legs, with arches touching the ground.‎
A strong coherence and rhythmic repetition of the form recalls the iconic Roman aqueduct, adapting
well across various contexts, whether public or private, lobbies or living rooms.‎
The sofa has the base with feet in wood, lacquered in the colors of frame in metal,
upholstery in shaped polyurethane with differentiated density.‎

Lead Time: 35-40 days