DuPont Marble Plinth Dining Table


The DuPont Marble Plinth Dining Table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines elegance and durability. This dining table is designed to stand out, featuring a solid marble plinth base that provides both stability and a touch of classic luxury. The marble's natural veining and smooth texture make each table unique, adding a sense of individuality to any dining space.

Enhancing its design, the table incorporates brass lining, which not only adds a metallic contrast to the marble but also gives a refined and contemporary touch. The brass elements are polished to a high sheen, catching the light and drawing the eye.

The tabletop itself is made from tempered glass, offering strength and safety without compromising on style. The glass is embedded within a walnut frame, providing a warm, rich contrast to the cooler tones of the marble and brass. The walnut wood is carefully selected for its grain pattern and finished to a smooth, glossy sheen, highlighting its natural beauty.

This combination of materials creates a harmonious balance between classic and modern aesthetics. The DuPont Marble Plinth Dining Table is ideal for those seeking a statement piece that combines functionality with artistic flair, suitable for both formal dining rooms and contemporary open-plan spaces.

Dimensions: 92”L x 46”W x 30”H