Flex Outdoor Sectional Sofa


this collection features a light, elegant aluminium frame combined with the warmth of a handcrafted teak wood finish. Flows carefully balances old and new to give the pieces their defining characteristics. The unique shape of the oval legs turns the Flows sofas and loungers into one-of-a-kind pieces destined for long-lasting appreciation.

Flex unites a world of contrasts, merging the flexibility and strength of its design. This collection showcases a sleek, elegant aluminum frame paired with the warmth of handcrafted wood, achieving a harmonious balance between old and new. Designed in collaboration with Metrica, Flex combines traditional aesthetics with modern innovation, offering an ambiance of nostalgia and contemporary lightness. It offers two versions: teak natural and teak nero, complemented by soft cushions in warm colors. Flex is a versatile sofa solution, featuring aluminum cast legs, a wooden armrest, and a wood-covered platform, blending materials to evoke strength and comfort.
lead time: 8-10 weeks