Frank Sofa


Destined to become a classic, the seating system Frank Collection is impacting but wasn’t made to be assertive or to amaze, but simply wishes to cover its purpose with elegance, welcoming whoever sits on it with great softness, as well as configuring different sitting arrangements, more or less formal, therefore interpreting today’ demands of conviviality and the widespread desire to relax. In an hackneyed context of form, Frank sofas offer a quiet but definitive answer to the desire of comfort and wellbeing.

There are six different elements with simple shapes and generous proportions, leaning on a thin profile and on nickel varnished or polished supports.
All the elements, excluding the pouf and the chaise longue, are composed by two seat cushions.
Further comfort and relax positions are given by three small rigid cushions, which should be placed to add additional support for the back cushions on the sofas, on the pouf, and as an armrest.

A table and bench set has been thought out to accompany the seats of different configurations. Their particular design, accompanied by the material, brushed thermo-treated ash wood, intentionally creates a strong contrast with the sofas. The combinations, which have been created more for contrast than for affinity, underline the rough wood finishing. Other complements, like an oval stuffed pouf, and a metal satin varnished coffee table in six different colours with semi-glossy top are available. They create further solutions for displaying besides a chromatic play.

SOFA + CHAISE (shown)- 121"W + 41-55"D + 31"H


SOFA- 76"W + 41"D + 31"H

CHAISE- 45"W + 55"D + 31"H

Lead time: 60-70 days