Naica dresser table


Considered one of the wonders of the world, the stunning Naica cave and its crystal connections inspired us creating this stunning design piece.‎ Combining a curvy wooden body, composed by two drawers and a circular mirror, with a solid wood feet connected by a metal structure, makes Naica dressing table the perfect solution to any contemporary interior that deserves identity.‎

Mankind’s biggest achievements have always been studied and created from nature’s shape and logic, for they were made to function.‎ NATUR collection is an homage to elements that have been on this planet long before we have.‎ True simplicity is found in the most far away places and exotic species.‎ In the search for the utmost elegant lines such as the verticality of a waterfall or the uniqueness of the wave rock formation in Arizona.‎

Each NATUR design piece unfolds the seductiveness of natural land and water formations as well as their animal habitants.‎ When sophistication meets organic shapes, materials, textures and colors, the result is an harmonious sense of style that adapts to different living spaces and interior design perspectives.‎