René Sectional Sofa


Visual dynamics shaped into organic forms, coming to life thanks to high craftsmanship: these are the expressive lines of the new René sofa

Cozy and comfortable, bold in its combinations, this project shows the greatest flexibility, both in terms of available units and combination of the materials.‎ The elements, with rounded seats and backs, complement each other in a game of free-standing or corner configurations.‎ The semicircular, trapezoidal, round or rectangular ottomans that can also support trays available in different finishes, from wood to lacquers and with internal top in back-painted glass, marble, leather, bronzed brass or platinum steel, to convey even more heterogeneity to the project.‎ René reveals the personality of those who choose it, thanks to modularities and materials able to transform this piece into a unique, totally personal project.‎

Lead time: 40-50 days