Minotti Tape cord Dining Chair


The Tape family of seats, naturally evolves, incorporating items for the outdoor environment that maintain the undeniable elegance of the forms and concepts of the design, and add a few welcome variants that embrace the concept of outdoor living.  

The seats become deeper, larger and more relaxing, while the metal frame, in a new outdoor finish, is covered with the wicker-effect cords available in two colours: Mud and Liquorice.

Here, the couture detail of Tape - the piece of ribbon that holds the feet on to the body - takes the form of a metal plate in Brushed stainless steel colour, a finish that is the leitmotiv of all

The system offers many elements, ideal for creating relaxation areas also in small outdoor spaces or on urban rooftop terraces: from the armchair to the sofa, from the Paolina chaise longue to the original couch open at the back, from the chair to the coffee tables, up until the stools.

The concept of the small tables in metal with Brush finish is inspired by the distinctive Tape detail itself, which aesthetically secures the legs.

Lead Time: 90 days