Titano Marble Plinth Sideboard


Although it exhibits the overpowering asymmetrical presence and the keen linearity of the collection, Titano Sideboard has a rather tactical standpoint compared to the other members or the series. The cabinet body combines two uneven cuboid blocks meshed around the hollowed-out stone pillar. A rigorously curated void between the cabinet doors exposes the tangible quality of the natural stone pillar, and the recessed section of the top end brings extra function to the sideboard. A metal leg supports the extended wing that conceals an additional unit with a drawer. The glaring, almost blady nature of the swallowtail leg contrasts and balances the round corners and the sanded surface of the wooden cabinet. All materials are locally produced; the stone pillar comes in travertine and marble options. The sanded solid wood and metal surfaces have numerous color alternatives.

dimensions: 96”L x 20”D x 30”H


lead time: 60-70 days